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This week is much more historical… Goodies #1: Traveler IQ Challenge – Test your knowledge of geography as it is today not 100 years ago (there’s the history tie-in). I’m not so good. I can’t get past the 6 level… Goodies #2: New York Divided – This one is all about history. It’s even from […]

History of Google's logo and goodbye to Polaroid

Wired has a neat little article/slideshow depicting the process of designing the Google logo. It’s interesting to see the first design compared to the last (current) design, and how similar they are. Along with this article, take a look at Google’s archive of past logos for holidays and other events. It might be worth a […]

Happy Birthday Sputnik!

50 years ago Sputnik was launched, and ever since children all over the world have dreamed of becoming an astronaut. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/science/july-dec07/sputnik_10-03.html

History of special effects.

Who doesn’t love a good special effects movie? Of course, when you can’t tell that there are special effects, that’s when you know it’s a good movie. I stumbled upon this article at AmericanHeritage.com, that describes the beginnings of Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ personal special effects company, makers of all cool films (especially […]