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If at first you don’t succeed

…copy somebody’s code. Or at least your own from the past that works. I finally got the map to work for my Exhibit exhibit. See.   First I copied the tutorial here. When that was working, I carefully copied it to the file I wanted it to be in and… nothing. Still broken. So next […]

Poster Session at the History of Ed

At the beginning of the year I was asked to participate in a poster session for the History of Education Society’s Annual Meeting. I have done a few things with maps, so I was asked to share resources and ideas for using maps with teaching history. Not too many people came by, so I only […]

40th anniversary of the moon landing

What space junky, almost historian, geek would I be without posting a little bit about some of the best type of history in existence. I refer, of course, to the history of man’s endeavors to explore space. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step on a celestial […]


I almost forgot for this week, but found some stuff today, so here goes…. And a small disclaimer, or explanation first. Instead of just making this a list of cool stuff out there, I’m going to try to tie it into the field of history or academia. That will get me to think a bit […]

Graphical representations of genealogy

I have this thought, and it was brought to mind again by an article on Wired which linked to this artists (Jason Salavon) work with the US census data. Basically, he took the US census data over 200 years and created an image with a ribbon of color representing each county. My idea is similar, […]

Soviet music

I’m looking for some good soviet music to use as a light background music to the flash timeline. Here are two good sites that catalog and preserve the history of the former USSR in music. http://www.sovmusic.ru/english/index.php http://www.hymn.ru/index-en.html

The MA is done, but the map is not….

I just turned in my last thing for the MA! I’m a Master! I do the commencement and walking and stuff tomorrow night. Well, I showed the Yahoo Map and the Flash movie to the 1989 group. They really liked it, but as is always the case, there are some very good suggestions for improvement. […]

Making progress

I took out the audio from the intro because it just wasn’t working. Perhaps a voice recording about the fall of communism would be better. I worked on the timeline a lot the past couple of days. It took many, many attempts to finally get the dot that represents an event to look nice. Fifteenth […]

How does the yahoo/flash map work…

There’s a lot of tutorials out there, but here’s how I got it to work. The Plan Got what? Oh, well, basically it’s being able to use yahoo maps, flash, xml, php, mysql, and data to display a bunch of markers on a map. Each marker contains data pulled from the database, and has a […]

xml, and lots of time.

Back again. Only two weeks left of school. I spent the past two days trying to work XML into the picture for the time line aspect. The thought was, if all of the data for the ‘flash point’ or points of the events of 1989 were kept in an xml file, the the flash could […]