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History of special effects.

Who doesn’t love a good special effects movie? Of course, when you can’t tell that there are special effects, that’s when you know it’s a good movie. I stumbled upon this article at AmericanHeritage.com, that describes the beginnings of Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ personal special effects company, makers of all cool films (especially […]

A different history of computers and Linux

Wow, two posts in a day… I just skimmed through this interview with Con Kolivas a major Linux kernel developer who has quite the Linux development world in frustration. What caught my attention was his ‘history’ of computers. His recollection of the computers history is truly different than I had ever learned or thought of. […]

A time machine…

Or a set of machines (appliances really) to take one back in time (at least mentally). This post from William Turkel at Digital History Hacks about the history appliance was just down-right awesome.  How cool would it be, even if just in your browser or on your computer, to have everything (all types of media) […]

Paradigms of Humanities and Medicators

Dan Cohen has a description of a recent conference about the humanities and their use of modern technology. In the post he shows that the whole aspect of scholars in the humanities requires a paradigm shift, but also mentions another paradigm shift that happened in the field of medicine. This was the efforts of Dr. […]

A mouse without buttons…

Here’s a whole site dedicated to the study and research of how we interact with the computer via the mouse and clicking. “The Click” says this site, is unnecessary. The whole site is designed to be used without clicking the mouse button but once! I liked it! Check out dontclick.it and see if you can […]

Video as content

I read an article recently that noted a paradigm shift in the Web industry.  It’s actually a shift that is taking place right now!  Due to the advances of technology, video is increasingly more common, even expected in a web site.  Just as the web moved from a representation of a piece of paper to […]

The history of paradigm shifts

While reading a book for one of my classes (Hist 698), a reference to a paradigm shift was mentioned in regards to using the web in classroom teaching. The example given was of the motion picture industry. In the beginning, motion pictures were basically filmed versions of plays which were enacted on stages, with a […]