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Setting up a Hosting Environment, Part 3: RedHat Cluster and GFS2

Previous posts in this series: Part 1: Setting up the servers Part 2: Connecting the Array RedHat Cluster and GFS2 Setup Required reading: https://alteeve.com/w/2-Node_Red_Hat_KVM_Cluster_Tutorial Seriously. Don’t do anything until you read his tutorial a couple of times. Might as well read a bunch of his other tutorials, too. Unless mentioned, the following commands should be […]

Making Multiple MySQL Instances on One Server

I’m trying this new idea for backing up our production MySQL servers. I have a backup server that basically runs rdiff-backup in the morning across several servers, but then does nothing for the rest of the day. It’s a pretty decent machine, so I’d like to utilize some resources. Replicating a MySQL server is a […]

CentOS 6, iDrac6 and PowerEdge R510

RedHat changed an important part of their system with the upgrade from version 5 to 6. This affects CentOS which is the same thing, but rebranded. I was updating one server to use CentOS 6, and ran into this issue of setting up the iDRAC for remote console use. In previous versions, I would add […]

Making SMF static

We have a few legacy forums powered by the good software SMF (SimpleMachines Forum). Like many of the WordPress installs, it’s a pain and a security risk to keep these up-to-date when they are no longer needed as content creation platforms. So, once again I need to convert a web app into static HTML pages. […]

In the server room

Today’s images are brought to you in the little “server room” next to my office. It’s really just a room with tile flooring. The Computer Science Department wants to make it into a server room, so I had to move all of our junk out. We had lots.