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Grab all of the domain names in Apache host file

Quick script I whipped up today to grab all of the domain names on a server.


This gets all of the domains from ServerName and ServerAlias lines, takes out all of the white space and empty lines, and creates a file with just a list of the unique domain names.

This accounts for subdomains that use ‘www’ or have port :80 on the end.

For instance, www.somedomain.com and somedomain.com are the same, so the script takes out the ‘www.’ which leaves to copies of somedomain.com, which it then deletes one of them in the final output to the file. The same for ‘:80’.


CentOS 6, iDrac6 and PowerEdge R510

RedHat changed an important part of their system with the upgrade from version 5 to 6. This affects CentOS which is the same thing, but rebranded. I was updating one server to use CentOS 6, and ran into this issue of setting up the iDRAC for remote console use. In previous versions, I would add […]

Making SMF static

We have a few legacy forums powered by the good software SMF (SimpleMachines Forum). Like many of the WordPress installs, it’s a pain and a security risk to keep these up-to-date when they are no longer needed as content creation platforms. So, once again I need to convert a web app into static HTML pages. […]