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Lesson I have taught, or would like to teach, at Church.

The Great Coming Battle

I taught the third hour combined Young Men/Young Women lesson yesterday. It went really well. I gave plenty of opportunities for the kids to make connections and observations between the clay and their lives. The Great Coming Battle – 5th Sunday lesson for combined Young Women and Young Men Preparation Read Elder Melvin J. Ballard, […]

Seminary Lessons. John 20-21

John chapters 20-21 In this lesson, I hoped the students would: gain (or strengthen) a testimony of the resurrected Jesus commit to follow Jesus by “feeding” his “sheep” Three Levels of Knowledge

Seminary Lessons. John 14-17

Another Seminary lesson. John chaptes 14-17. Two Comforters Jesus speaks of two comforters. Who are they? John 14: 15-27 shows that they are the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ himself. Jesus gives the following promises in these verses. v. 16 – Christ prays for us that he will be with us v. 17 – Christ […]

Seminary Lessons: John chapters 12-14

I recently was a substitute for our Ward’s early morning Seminary. I’m amazed at these kids who get to the Church building at 6am for some scripture study. I had it easy with release time. I took seminary as if it were a regular class in high school. Anyhow, the next few posts will be […]

Seminary Lessons: John chapter 11

This was the first lesson I taught while substitute teaching the early morning seminary class for my Ward. It was an amazing experience. I had to wake up at 5 AM to be at the Church building by 6 AM.  I rode my bike the first two days, but with it being dark and the […]

The Three Great Pillars of the Gospel

Three Great Pillars: Creation, Fall, Atonement. Creation: Genesis 1: 26-27.  We are created in God’s image. Agency and Consequences: Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-19. Why did God command Adam and Eve to not partake of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge, when He knew it was part of the Eternal Plan? – Quote 1 Why was […]

Meeting your wife's expectations

This is the talk I gave in Elders Quorum today. You’ll notice a part where I challenge the brethren to pick a chore to do around the house in order to be more helpful. I told the Relief Society beforehand that I would do so. The brethren weren’t please with me! 🙂 This principle, though, […]